Sunday, March 6, 2011

A weekend to remember...

Sometimes March 5th comes and goes without a single thought about my dad.  Other times, he's on my mind all day long.  You see, today my daddy would've been 57 years old.  He died 9 years ago after having a massive heart attack.  The phone call I got on that horrible night still lingers in head from time to time.  I literally can recall the entire conversation.  I was working at hotel in Tuscaloosa.  My cell phone was plugged in and sitting on the ground.  It rang and I missed the call.  As soon as I had a second, I sat on the floor and found that the missed call was from my brother and called him back.  Thank God I was already sitting down.  All he said was, "dad passed."  What came out of my mouth can't be repeated.  It was a line of obscenities and screaming.  I was certain my brother was playing a horrible trick on me.  I was hoping with every ounce of me that he was playing a horrible trick on me, but he wasn't.  My daddy died on September 21st, 2002.  He was a man that, through his death, I have learned to love beyond measure.

But this weekend also is a weekend to celebrate.  Just a year ago tomorrow, our baby girl was baptized into the Catholic faith.  Hubby and I, alongside her amazing godparents, vowed to raise her and guide her with a love for our Lord.  What a glorious day that was!  We shared it with so many of our family and friends 

It's very fitting that I'm able to remember my father and celebrate my daughter in the same weekend.  He truly would've adored her.  And, even in all his faults, he had so much to do with who I am today.  I hope to take all the wonderful things he taught me and teach them to my children.  One of those was to never strive for anything but the best....and for Zep, Bright Eyes, and Sunshine, anything but the best just isn't acceptable!

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