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The "Modified" Homeschool Mother's Journey...v2...The one where I talk about our 2011-2012 curriculum

If you want to join in on this meme, head over to The Homeschool Chick for The Homeschool Mother's Journey. She's provided some fun questions to answer each week!  And she's even doing a Summer Edition now!! 

In our homeschool this week next year...
I honestly feel sorry for the people that had to counsel me during my curriculum research.  My personality type tends to be more towards the "let's jump on the first train riding by" rather than "let's wait awhile and make sure it's the right train first."  As soon as I was certain homeschooling was for our family, I wanted everything done; the books bought, the schoolroom put together, the lesson plan in order.  It took a lot of prayer and a lot of guidance from some experienced homeschooling mommies to calm me down and rethink the train our family would be boarding.  I definitely rode a few on the way though...the Seton train, the Well-Trained Mind train, the Mother of Divine Grace train, the Catholic Heritage Curricula train, the Mater Amabilis train.

And here is where these trains finally dropped us off..

*This is only for Zep, who will be entering first grade.  Bright Eyes will be in 4K, so he will mostly be just hanging out with us and/or Sunshine.

Language Arts
Art Appreciation
  • Piano lessons given by the famous pianist, ME!  Yeah right, I'm just hoping I can teach him to read music!!
  • 36 Traditional Catholic Hymns and several other classical pieces that we'll listen to before bed each night.

And that's it folks!!!  After months and months of struggling with what to do next year...this is it!  Am I expecting it to go as wonderfully as my mind is dreaming it...absolutely not!!  I'm pretty sure we'll be doing a lot of shifting as the year goes on.  I'm not a teacher, but I love my children.  And maybe, just maybe we'll learn to love to learn together!!!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Small Successes v2

FaithButtonJoin Sherry over at Chocolate For Your Brain for this week's Small Successes link-up!!!

When I sat down to review my week, I had a hard time thinking of things to list as successes.  Really, this week has been a big ol' pile of you-know-what for me!  I'm overly emotional and just plain tired!
I think I had this beautiful vision of how this summer was going to go, and so far (week two) it's not living up to that!  So...guess what week I'm changing that.  We're taking the week off!!  The only thing on my schedule is an orthopedic appointment and our monthly Confraternity of Christian Mother's Mass.  Beyond these and grocery shopping, we will be doing NOTHING!!!  Nothing, that is, except for what is on my very detailed daily schedule.  The schedule that I love.  The schedule that allows me time to play with my kids and sit for an hour in the afternoon and just breath.  I complained so often about the hustle and bustle of the school year and here I've gone and just transferred it to our summer!  So to my friends...if I don't answer the phone or return your's because I've declared next week OUR time!  We'll chat and hang out soon, I promise!  I just need to regroup!

And here are the successes I was able to pry out of my brain...
  • We now have 24 meals cooked and frozen in the freezer!!  Can I tell you how freeing it is to just quickly heat up something 10 minutes before hubby is due to arrive home??  It's absolutely amazing!! 
  • I vacuumed and mopped the downstairs floor!!  I was feeling pretty good about that until about 50 kids ran through the house full of mud and sand.  Oh well, so is the life of a stay-at-home mom.
  • I finished a wonderful book titled Following Mary to JesusI really recommend it to anyone who's looking for an easy read.  I have a strong devotion to Mary.  I often ask her to intercede in prayer for me when I need something especially important.  When I'm sick or can't sleep, I often envision her in the room with me lying her hand on my head to comfort me or placing her beautiful blue shawl over me for warmth.  The book did a wonderful job explaining how through Mary we are able to know her Son even more.  For who knew Jesus better than his own mother??   
If you'd like to toot your horn a bit too, join the link-up over at Chocolate For Your Brain!!