Monday, May 9, 2011

Our vacation at Children's Hospital...

Well, here we are half-way through our second full day at the hospital.  Last night was rough, Bright Eyes woke up about every thirty minutes needing something, to go potty, a drink, or just a reassuring kiss.  It's 11:00am now and he's just decided to conk out after 8 hours of Disney Junior watching.  Can I tell you how thankful I am that they start showing kids' shows so early in the morning!!!! 

Breakfast came and he only managed a couple bites of a muffin.  I snuck downstairs to get him some ice cream, and he only ate a spoonful of that.  This is an improvement from yesterday though, baby steps.  The doctor came in at about 8am and said he was looking good.  She feels that the whole situation really isn't anything to be concerned about.  Apparently the large golf ball in his neck, that is now moving into his face, probably won't reduce in size any while we're at the hospital.  She said it could take weeks for it to go away.  As the fever continues to stay down, so will the least that's what she says.  I pointed out to her that since we've been here, the area continues to get more and more red.  This was the one area that concerned her.  We'll have to stay until the redness goes away.  They've discontinued his IV fluids.  I'm tying my best to get him to drink as much as possible, which isn't much.  They're hoping in the next day or so to discontinue the IV antibiotics.  The kicker is that he has to be able to take the oral form of the antibiotic, which apparently tastes horrible.  If he's not able to take it, then we're stuck here for 10 days or so.  I'm praying he'll be a trooper about this.  But if you've kept up with my blog and stories about my 2nd born child, stubbornness is one of his most perfected attributes. 

So...that's the update in a nutshell.  I'm a walking zombie.  I literally ran into a dispenser of spoons in the cafeteria this morning.  Mentally, I'm really okay.  I've found myself not being overly worried about what's going on.  I'm just really, really, really tired.  Hubby has offered to switch with me for the evening, but there isn't an army that could drag me away from being with my baby boy right now.  I much rather be sleep deprived taking care of him, then to be home fully rested worrying about him.

Side note...thank you for all the phone calls, emails, and FB messages!  They mean the world to me!  I apologize for not answering my phone or messages.  Forgive me for not being much in the mood to talk to anyone right now. 


Shiloh said...

I am thinking about you lots. Being a new mom certainly puts all that you are going through into perspective. I am wondering what made you decide to take Reid to the hospital? I have mentioned some swollen lymph nodes on Lydia's neck to her doctor at every check-up she's had and she does not seem concerned. Not golf ball sized, just pea shaped, but concerning. Hope that life returns to normal for you soon.



toeandhaysmom said...

Ran across this on FB and I wanted you to know that I'm praying for your family. God Bless you. Teri Smith