Monday, May 16, 2011

Bright Eyes' Prayer Warriors

Our little boy has gained quite the group of prayer warriors.  We have family praying, friends praying, family of friends praying, and even strangers praying.  I truly believe that without it things would be so different now.  Both hubby's and my spirits have stayed quite high today, and I truly attribute that to all of you that have given of your time to lift up our child.

How beautiful is this list....(thanks especially to Heather for setting this up!)

9:30:  Heather
10:00:  Kathleen
10:30: Stacey, Susan, Brooke, Cathy, Beth
11:00:  Susan's mom, Patty
11:30:  Terry, Suzannne
12:00:  Carol, Patty
12:30:  Stacie, Stacey
1:00:  Sheila, Jamie, Joanne, Stacey's mom
1:30:  Brian
2:00:  Kathleen, Teresa
2:30:  Janie, Traci
3:00:  Michelle, Cathy's mom, Peg, Polly, Lynette
3:30:  Denise, Polly, Jackie
4:00:  Chesney, Jacqueline, Doug, Melanie, Amanda
4:30:  Betty
5:00:  Jill's mom
5:30:  Yvonne, Jonni, Whitney, Sarah, Stacey, Cathy's sister, Cathy's niece, Tina, Erin
6:00:  Regina
6:30:  Beth, Erin, Mary Gay
7:00:  Amy, Rinn
7:30:  Rinn, Angela
8:00:  Kristina, Kate
8:30:  Jenny, Kristina, Annie, Jean
9:00:  Jill, Kristina, Ginger, Linda, Sheila, Melanie
9:30:  Marie, Lori

10:00 pm:  Christie
10:00 p.m-4:00 a.m:  Erika (in between patients and during breaks)
3:30 a.m.:  Heidi (while nursing babes)

4:30 am: Annie
Sometime late tonight:  Renee, Carrie

We were also told that a friend, who's uncle is a priest, said Mass for Bright Eyes today.  So very special!  Mac and Nana couldn't stand it anymore, so Mac is headed our direction.  They love their little man!

On a completely different note...I have one more small request.  I know, I could I possibly ask for more!!??!!  But this one isn't for me...I've had a very special little girl in my life for several years.  She's not my daughter, but I love her like one of my own.  She holds a big ol' piece of my heart.  Yesterday she had a slight spill and prayers are needed for her adorable little head!  So while you're praying for our Bright Eyes please pray for "my girl" as well!  Thanks so much!


Jaime said...

Devin, Please add my daughter, Elizabeth, and me to your list for 8:30. Oh, and I guess 4am-ish..around the time I'm up feeding a baby! :)
I can't imagine what you all going through, especially your sweet little boy. Thank you for sharing your story and allowing us the opportunity to pray for you.
Annie (Measells) Villasana

BlessedMom said...

Thanks, Annie!!!

awv said...

Oops! Didn't mean to misspell your name! Or send that from my husband's account! :) Praying for a restful night and good things for tomorrow...