Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Day Three...

Hubby talked me into taking last night off, so I feel much more rested today.  I've managed to avoid walking into all stationary objects.  My mother came into town this afternoon, which means hubby and I can be at the hospital with Bright Eyes together for a few hours.  I hadn't seen Zep since Sunday, so I checked him out of school to have a special lunch with me. 

As for Bright Eyes, we've had no improvement.  I think overall things have stayed the same or gotten slightly worse.  The red area has increased some and his face looks slightly more swollen all around.  During the night his fever rose to 103 and pretty much stayed around that point until this morning.  Hubby said that he was much more active during the early part of today.  He ate two strawberries and almost a full carton of milk.  Hubby and B.E. even sat up and colored a bit. 

Since then, he's taken another turn downward.  His fever is back up to 101; he's complaining of pain again.  His eyes are bloodshot, and he says that his legs hurt.  The doctor came in this morning and decided to stop the current IV antibiotic and switch him to a different one.  I'm hoping they'll get that started very soon (as I as typing this, they started it).  Momma bear may come out tonight when she makes her rounds again.  I'd really like him to see a doctor in the infectious disease department.  Everyone keeps telling me they see things like this all the time, which makes it all sound okay.  But if they see this all the time why are they having such a difficult time treating it???? 

In short, we'll be here for at least another couple days.  Mentally, I'm still doing okay.  I'm drained, but my spirits are okay.  I truly don't think that we're dealing with anything life threatening or life altering.  My main concern is that our sweet boy is in pain.  As any mommy knows, seeing your child hurt is worse than any physical pain you yourself could endure.

Thank you to ALL the people that have helped out during this time.  Someone snuck in B.E.'s name for Our Lady of Sorrows' (this is not even our parish) prayer intentions this past Sunday evening, there are so many prayers going up for our baby, our friends have helped by watching Sunshine and keeping Zep overnight, others have made meals and brought meals to the hospital, B.E.'s and Zep's class made get well cards for him, a friend snuck in behind me at McDonald's today and bought my meal, and my mommy gave up her week to be at our side.  We have such an amazing community of people who love us! 


rick said...

i would try to see if infectious disease could see him too, thinking of u guys :( hugs sent ur way

CM said...

I hope he's feeling much better very soon! Praying for you all!!