Thursday, August 4, 2011

Not Back-To-School Blog Hop: 2011-2012 Curriculum

I just love taking part in blog hops!  I've already posted our first-year curriculum, but I have to do it one more time to take part in this newest hop!  Thanks to Heart of the Matter for hosting.

Getting to this final list was a big ol' pain in the rear end.  Being new to the homeschooling world, I was very confused with all the choices that were out there for curriculum.  I must have changed my mind a bazillion times.  It finally came to a point where I had to just say, "That's it!" and write down the final curriculum in red ink.  I'm super excited with our choices, and I'm counting down the days until we start this wild ride!

And here is what our final list looks like:

*This is only for Zep, who will be entering first grade.  Bright Eyes will be in 4K, so he will mostly be just hanging out with us and/or Sunshine.

Language Arts
Art Appreciation
  • Piano lessons given by the famous pianist, ME!  Yeah right, I'm just hoping I can teach him to read music!!
  • 36 Traditional Catholic Hymns and several other classical pieces that we'll listen to before bed each night.

And that's it folks!!!  After months and months of struggling with what to do next year...this is it!  Am I expecting it to go as wonderfully as my mind is dreaming it...absolutely not!!  I'm pretty sure we'll be doing a lot of shifting as the year goes on.  I'm not a teacher, but I love my children.  And maybe, just maybe we'll learn to love to learn together!!!


Tiffany said...

Some great stuff here!! I know what you mean about changing things up. This will be our third year and I'm famous for buying new stuff halfway through the year... :)

Have a great one!

EK said...

We are new to the home schooling world, too! Your selections look great; I have a 2nd grader, but am already wondering what readers I should get for when my 4 year old is ready... I completely understand the confusion!!

Mom Guide said...

Welcome to homeschooling. You are going to like Story of the World. If you can get the CD at the library they make great listening too while doing errands. It calms the kids down and is entertaining.

Michelle said...

Yep, you just have to decide on something and give yourself permission to change gears whenever you feel the need to. I'm pretty sure I changed things a gazillion times last year. :)

Good luck during your first year!

The Weimers said...

Wow - congratulations on taking the plunge. Your curriculum sounds identical to mine - funny! I am starting our second year next week & will also be starting Story of the World but keeping "Connecting With History - World History Through Catholic Principles" on hand as a great secondary reference.

Wishing you graces all year!