Tuesday, August 30, 2011

We haven't disappeared...

I've been horrible, once again, at keeping up this blog.  It seems that homeschooling the children keeps me a little busier than before.  But really that's a horrible excuse, because I was barely blogging then either.

I do have a few excuses though.

I was asked to work the next Women's Cursillo weekend.  I was super excited, except for that part of having to give a talk!  One of my top three fears is speaking in public, and the fear is tripled when I have to talk about something personal.  I put off working on my talk until literally a week before I had to turn it in.  And then I prayed, a lot, for some help.  I so wish I could share it with you all!  I'm thrilled with how it turned out, and I truly can't wait to share it with the 32 women who will be making the weekend.  Did I mention that one of my dearest friends and my MOTHER-IN-LAW will be there?  I'm so excited!

We've been busy, busy homeschooling.  I've been pretty good at keeping up with our lesson plans and not getting too off track.  Our little homeschooling group has kept it's word of doing a weekly field trip.  A couple weeks ago we visited the Huntsville Space and Rocket Center.  Zep has become so intrigued with dinosaurs lately and SUE was on exhibit there.  It was a wonderful trip, and the kids had a blast!

So my lack of posts is definitely not from lack of adventures!  This blog of mine and I will be able to find some time again someday!

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mysticphone said...

I am so shocked to see this post as if you had time for it! Just kidding girl! You are a good mother, woman, and friend. I know you will do fine on your talk because I will figure out a way to get you fired up about speaking in public. Maybe a kangaroo cup of something potent;-)