Saturday, March 26, 2011

Take Me Out to the Ball game!!!!

This soccer family went baseball for the spring!!  We wandered into the back of the park completely confused, having asked our resident professional baseball momma every possible question we could.  Do they need a bat? What color pants?  Do they have to have a belt?  What if he has no idea what to do?  etc...

Despite our complete ignorance...the season was awesome!  Bright Eyes did such a wonderful job at his first go-round with t-ball.  I really see some potential and hope that he wants to continue.  He was so great at getting behind the ball as it came his way.  He'd let it roll right into his glove and cover it quickly with his other hand!  We still have to work on the batting a bit; the poor kid can barely lift the lightest bat out there.  This is definitely our fault, since we've only, up to this point, let him practice with plastic bats.  I guess we should have thought of that!  :)  

B.E. was able to play with three of his best buddies!  I really hope he wants to continue playing, but with daddy coaching soccer, it'll be a hard sell!!!

March 26th - April 30th 2011

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