Tuesday, March 8, 2011

How we plan on spending our Lenten season...

Lent starts tomorrow!  This is probably my favorite time of year, as it forces us to focus on doing better for our Lord.  Some people sacrifice during the season, others add in additional forms of piety, study, and/or action.  I usually like to do a combination of both.  This will be the first year hubby and I incorporate the kids.  We'll be doing a family Lenten sacrifice/addition as well as doing our own.

Family Lenten plans:

Sacrifice:  We really haven't talked too much about a sacrifice.  About a month ago, we made Sunday a no technology day and we haven't stuck with it consistently.  This is something we will be doing during Lent.  It's forces all of us to put down the controllers, the remotes, and the laptops and enjoy the quiet.  I'm bad about still playing music during the day, so I think I'll stop that as well.  When everything is turned off, it becomes so apparent how loud all these "extras" are.  This is a double bonus for us as well!  With all the free time we'll have, I see lots of opportunities for some much needed family time!!

Addition:  Yesterday I printed off coloring sheets that represent each of the Stations of the Cross.  I'm going to let the boys each color half of them, and then we'll post them up throughout the house.  We found the greatest children's Stations of the Cross book to go along with it.  We're hoping to replace our, almost nightly, decade of the rosary with a full Stations of the Cross.

Individual Lenten plans:

Sacrifice:  Hubby and I are going to keep this one to ourselves.  He's continuing a sacrifice that he did last year, only this time he's making it much harder.  I'm trying something I've never attempted before.  I will tell you that I'm scared, very scared!  I will be keeping a daily journal on how I'm doing and plan on posting it after Lent is over.  Please pray that hubby and I are both successful!

Addition:  My addition is going to be to blog daily, except on Sunday!  ;)  I'm truly hoping this Lenten season will be a spiritual awakening of sorts for me.  Don't be surprised if the posts suddenly seem strange!  I've tried to attend daily mass at least two times a week throughout the school year, but will make it a must during Lent.  Hubby will be studying and looking over the reflections in his books.  He will also be praying a lot more alongside his sacrifice.  He too attends daily mass, so this will be included and strengthened.
And well, that's it!!!  There's some debate on whether Lent is from Ash Wednesday to Holy Thursday, or Ash Wednesday to Easter, or whether Sundays are excluded.  I can't seem to find the exact information to support any case.  We're going to stick with Ash Wednesday to Easter Sunday, which is technically 47 days.  Does anyone have insight into this and perhaps something from the Vatican to support it? 

Happy Lent everyone!

Until that Day, Jesus, please show us…
show me, more and more of your beauty.
Especially during this season of Lent,
reveal as much of your beauty to me as I can entertain.
For by the light of your beauty my sin becomes much more reprehensible…
the gospel becomes much more commendable…
your kingdom becomes much more visible…
but above all, you become so much more desirable.

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