Saturday, October 13, 2012

St. Louis Trip - Wolf Howl

I spent way too much time before our trip researching all the great attractions in the area.  During my searching, I came across the Endangered Wolf Center.  The Wolf Center is an organization that works to save wolves from extinction.  It's a huge facility in which they breed and try to reintroduce the wolves to the wild at some point.  I'm sure it would be a great place to go visit during the day!

However, I was captivated to read about an event that they do on weekend evenings called a Wolf Howl.  So, I reserved a spot for the boys and I.  We headed there on our own Saturday evening while hubby was at the Bama game.

It was just as cool as I thought it would be!  We arrived and they took us back to a campfire where a employee stood behind the fire and shared information about the wolves.  Hearing his interpretations of each of the wolf's howls was really funny.  He then told us a couple "not so scary" wolf stories.  From the campfire we walked a little way down a gravel path to where the wolves were caged.  Three of the employees surrounded the cage and began howling.  Sure enough withing 10 minutes or so all the wolves were howling right back.  The kids though it was pretty awesome!

The only downside to the event was I didn't think through bringing Lil' Bit out with us.  She's nursing, so she's stuck to me at all times.  Seeing that we were in the woods trying to be quiet to hear the wolves every little noise LB made sounded like it was over a loud speaker.  All the howling wolves and people scared her a lot.  We ended up having to walk back early.  That didn't stop Zep from howling along with the wolves as we were walking back.

The kids were also extremely concerned that they would have to miss the hot cocoa and cookies that were being served afterwards.  All was well though...they took theirs to go!

I would love to do this again someday - minus any little bitty ones.  The next time we'll also make it a point to go during the day so we can actually see the wolves!

October 13th, 2012

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