Friday, August 24, 2012

Sweet and spicy...

B.E. is a fascinating child!  I spend much of my days trying to figure out how his head works.  He can be very dreamy and get lost during tasks.  He is very stubborn and only does things when he's ready.  And he doesn't respond to any form of discipline.  But on the opposite side of all of that is the sweetest boy who goes out of his way to show his love.  He takes care of his sisters with the gentlest tone and touch.  He's sensitive and feels everyone else's hurts.  He is the perfect blend of sweet and spicy!

We got to witness just how sweet and spicy B.E. can be this week...

We had a less than stellar week.  The boys have been completely off a schedule due to our summer break and trying to get them situated back onto one has been a struggle.  One day in particular caused my blood pressure to rise quite a bit.  It started with morning chores, after 30 minutes I went upstairs to find Zep and B.E. had yet to complete even one of their tasks.  Then came school, as B.E. complained during almost all of his lessons.  Next was lunch chores, three hours of them goofing off while not completing anything.  B.E. knew I was angry; everyone knew I was angry.

Flash forward to yesterday.  We were getting ready to head out to a homeschool back to school party. I asked the boys to clean their room before we left for the day.  B.E. came up to me and announced that he would clean the room all by himself.  "What? Why?" I asked.  And this is where my sweet Bright Eyes emerged, "Because I was mean to you the other day, and I want to do something nice for God."

If there was ever a moment when I was so proud I could cry, this was one of them.  I scooped up that little boy and praised him and squeezed him to pieces.

I have no doubts that our spicy B.E. will return, but his sweet side balances him perfectly!

***Kawasaki update - B.E. saw his cardiologist yesterday.  He has a beautiful heart and does not have to see the doctor again for a whole year!  

August 24th, 2012

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