Saturday, January 28, 2012

The One Where He Rocked!

We have really enjoyed being a part of wrestling this season.  It was sad to know that this would be our last tournament until next year, especially when Zep decided to end the season with such a bang!

The Third Match
The bracket was really scary!  Eight kids total - double elimination.  First off, he had to wrestle another little boy from our club.  Zep fought so hard.  At the end it came down to points.  The other boy had it won.  The next round came up and I started worrying a bit.  The kid looked noticeably larger than Zep.  Thirty seconds later I sat slamming the mat with excitement and wiping tears from my eyes (I saw hubby doing the same thing - he'll probably never admit it though!).  Zep had pinned the boy and won the match!  Pride doesn't even begin to tell you wonderful I felt for my little boy.  He has been so timid this season, and his emotions play such a part in how he does.  He needed that win so badly.  In the third match, Zep faced an opponent who had beaten him in another tournament.  The match went to an extra round after the scoring became tied up.  In the last several seconds, the other boy scored.  But you should have seen our little man fight through the whole thing.  He never slowed down and fought till the bitter end.

We couldn't have asked for any more from Zep this season.  Each tournament he improved tremendously.  Not bad for a kid that didn't even know what wrestling was four months ago!

January 28th, 2012

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