Saturday, December 3, 2011

Zep's First Wrestling Tournament

Zep participated in his first wrestling tournament over the weekend.  I was sick with anxiety over the whole ordeal.  I took several years of Judo as a child, and I clearly remember how nervous I was before each and every match.  I was so worried Zep would be just as nervous.  

The day started out pretty well.  Zep was excited to get out on the mat.  But that quickly faded as the first boy he fought pinned him and ended the match within 5 seconds.  Zep was a wreck - full on tears.  At this point, he'd only been practicing for about a month.  He really didn't know the rules...and neither did hubby or I.  Apparently if both of your shoulders hit the mat at the same time for several seconds the match is over.  We explained this to Zep, and he wiped away his tears for his second match.  Unfortunately, he lost this one as well.  But he took to heart what he had learned from the first match.  He made it much longer in the match and fought hard to keep his shoulders off the mat!  I was so proud of him!

Way to go little man!

December 3rd, 2011

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