Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Big Girl Bed!

We made the switch - very reluctantly!  With the baby's arrival approaching fast, we needed to fast track Sunshine into a big girl bed.  The baby is going to need the crib!  :)

I was worried - extremely worried.  Sunshine has always been my best sleeper.  She falls asleep easily at 7:30 each evening and doesn't wake up until at least 8 each morning.  When she wakes up at 8, she hangs out in her crib for at least another hour just singing to herself.  This is valuable time to a homeschooling momma.  Most days we are completely done with school when she does finally decide it's time to get up.  I prayed that this wouldn't end when the crib bars disappeared.

The first night was torture.  She was terrified.  I'm a "cry-it-out" mommy, so you'd think it wouldn't have bothered me that she was so miserable.  But it did -  a lot!  I sat with her for a long time before she finally fell mostly asleep.  She stayed in bed all night, but was up at about 6 the next morning ready to join us for the day.  Ughh!  Not how I was hoping the conversion would go.  Over the next week, she started going to bed much easier but would wake promptly at 6 each morning.  Our entire homeschooling schedule was forced into chaos!

But, Praise Be to God!, two months later and Sunshine has figured out the big girl bed!  She falls straight asleep each evening.  I've tried to snuggle with her plenty of nights, but she won't let me.  And we don't see her in the morning until at least 9.  She loves to just sit in her room and read books, build puzzles, or rearrange her babies.  It's been a wonderful transition!  Although it does break my heart to see our little girl growing up so fast!

December 27th, 2011

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