Thursday, September 8, 2011

Happy Birthday, Mary!!

September 8th is the day Catholics celebrate the birth of the Blessed Virgin Mary.  I absolutely loved how their "real school" included special Marian-type snacks and crafts during this day.  It was a must for me to do this in our home school.

This morning it hit me!  A pancake rosary!  It worked out perfect.  I had all the "beads" made well before the boys made it downstairs for breakfast.  We used white chocolate chips as the chains between the "beads."

The boys loved putting our rosary together.  It was a wonderful lesson in the construction of the rosary as well.  They learned how many beads were in a decade and how many decades in a rosary.  And, of course, once it was complete we took the opportunity to pray this beautiful prayer together.  The boys took turns taking one of the "beads" off of the rosary after we finished each prayer.  I think this is the first time they actually paid attention during an entire run through of the rosary...we're generally a decade-a-night family.

We're celebrating even more tomorrow evening with our other sweet homeschooling friends. Happy Birthday, Blessed Virgin Mary!  How thankful we are that you said YES!

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"Max Whale" said...

LOVE THIS!!!! How creative! And you were worried you'd do well with this homeschooling gig;-)