Thursday, February 17, 2011

The neglected third...

You remember how after you had your first child you couldn't wait to expose them to everything?  Zep went to the zoo before his tiny baby eyes could even focus in on the animals.  He went to his first playgroup at only 3 months old.  And then with the second born, things sort of slowed a bit.  You still remember to get their picture taken during the first haircut, but taking them out of the stroller at the zoo so they can see above the walls and actually catch a glimpse of the gorillas suddenly doesn't cross your mind anymore.  If we ever make it to number four or five, I worry we may forget to even put them in the car before we leave the house!!

It suddenly occurred to me that the child that we call Sunshine has never really had a chance to play in it!  So out we went on one of the first beautiful days this year.  She mastered climbing the stairs on the playhouse.  I would then maneuver her around so she could go on her tummy, feet first, down the slide.  She did it over and over and over again.  She eventually moved off to crawl through the grass a bit.  I think Bright Eyes really enjoyed giving his little sister a tour of the backyard.  He kept close behind her through it all!

Can you believe how bald my blonde baby is???  Bald and blonde??  I swear I birthed her!!

February 17th, 2011

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