Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Lil' Bit's 12 Month Stats...

Weight:  15 lbs 14 oz - Below the chart!

Height:  27.5 in - Between 5 to 10%

Head:  17.25 in - Between 10 to 25%

Lil' Bit is keeping her nickname alive.  Unfortunately, she's lost a bit of weight over the last month and is no longer near the curve for weight.  The doctor isn't horribly concerned but has ordered up a full battery of blood tests.  We're also heading to Children's tomorrow for a sweat test to check for cystic fibrosis.  This will be our first experience with this test...should be interesting.  We are all fairly certain that Lil' Bit is just going to be petite, but I am thrilled that the doctor has decided to be so thorough.

May 14th, 2013

*Update (May 29th, 2013) - All the tests turned out fine!


Brooks Family said...

Hi D!
Long time, no chat! :) I just came upon your blog again. It's Emily...mother to Leah and Claire (whom you've met!) and now Anna, who is 8 months old. We moved to NY from Alabama 6 years ago. I see that you've added another baby girl! I'd love to know her real name (I am slightly addicted to baby names)...if you'd like to email me, it's emilybrooks01@hotmail.com

Everyone looks beautiful! Praying for Lil' Bit; for the faithfulness of the Lord's protection.


Donna said...

My goodness- I didn't realize Little Bit was so small. You are right- I would be happy to have a thorough doctor- we will say a prayer for you all.

Janie Mauter said...

When I saw you last week, I walked away thinking, "We only talked about me! I didn't even ask how they were doing - besides the dream house bit." I felt so bad. Now that I see this, I feel even more terrible. My E was a preemie too, and is still small for her age. She just turned three, so I think she is just going to be small. Luckily, she was never completely off the chart. I'm glad your doctor is conservative enough to go that extra step. It was good to see you last week. I'll be thinking of you.