Sunday, April 29, 2012

I'm still pregnant!

It occurred to me that since I first wrote that we were expecting blessing #4 I haven't written a single thing about the pregnancy.  I guess that's what happens when you have 3 other blessings to chase after.  You seem to forget about being pregnant most of the time!

Well, here I sit 35 weeks in.  This has been a wonderful pregnancy.  I had the normal sickness during the first trimester, but I've already forgotten how miserable it was.  Hubby and I have been anticipating having this baby earlier than our expected due date of June 4th since all of our other children were born no later than 37 weeks.  This was basically confirmed Saturday morning as I drove myself to the hospital for a shot of terbutaline to control contractions.  Since then I've been taking another "contraction stopper" med every four hours - which seems to not exactly be doing the trick.

Our goal is to make it at least until 36 weeks - we're so very eager to meet our little guy/girl!  I can't believe I'll soon be holding a squishy newborn again!

In other news - two of my best friends are both expecting their #4 as well!  These are two of the gals that jumped off the cliff into the homeschooling world with me.  You would've thought that this first year of having all the kids home with us would've been horribly traumatic - but wouldn't ya know it...each of us decided to add one more child into the mix!

Hopefully the next time I write about baby #4 I'll be posting a picture as well!


Maggie said...

I have barely blogged about this pregnancy. When I was pregnant with Joe I was blogging about every little symptom! You are right- chasing after little ones kind of puts our minds on other things other than pregnancy!

holly said...

I can't wait to hold the new little angel!!