Monday, February 6, 2012

Our Sweet Girl!

I'm not going to lie...having a little girl is absolutely delightful!  It's not that I don't enjoy my boys, but a girl is very different.  She's sweet and sassy and has us wrapped around her little finger.  Hubby and I are both praying that #4 is also girl just so that Sunshine won't be so spoiled.  Yes, I said SO spoiled...we're fairly certain she'll be spoiled no matter what this baby is.

At age two Sunshine is coming into her personality.  She keeps us smiling and laughing.  And on occasion cringing from what I refer to as girl dramatics.  Here a few things we'd like to remember about our Sunshine at age two:

  • She has two loves...her fingers and her "bankie."  They come in a pair.  Where there is one, the other follows shortly after.  She'll carry her bankie into the living room, announce "Mommy, I tied," and then promptly find the nearest pillow where she lies sucking her fingers and holding her bankie.  I don't have the heart to tell her that in just a month we're declaring war on the fingers with some of the yummy dentist prescribed anti-sucking meds!
  • She loves to sing - some of her favorites are Apple, Apple A A A, You Are My Sunshine, Silent Night, This Little Light of Mine, and the ABC song.  
  • She's almost perfected her numbers 1-10.
  • She loves to dress up, have her toes painted, and wear her "pretties."  (bows)
  • She still will hang out in her room each morning until at least 9.  I always hear her moving around at about 8, but she never complains about wanting to get out.  When I go get her each morning, I find her in the midst of her toys.  She thoroughly enjoys her alone time each morning.
  • She adores her brothers.  Each morning she runs out and yells at them down the stairs, "Good morning, boys!" They adore her right back!
  • She can throw a mean tantrum.  She knows what she wants, and she wants it when she wants it. We haven't managed to convince her just yet that she's not the boss.  Her tantrums consist of floor thrashing craziness.  It would actually be funny, if the screaming wasn't so ear shattering.  
  • She's not afraid to get dirty.  She has no trouble keeping up the boys in the backyard.  She climbs the ladders, slides down the slides, swings on the swings, and digs in the dirt right alongside her big brothers.
  • She is the master of the sweet, whiny voice.  She has this way of saying everything she wants without moving her mouth at all.  It's cute but yet so irritating!
Sunshine is truly that...our sunshine!  Hubby and I are both so excited to see where this journey of raising a little girl is going to lead us.  So far it's been amazing!

February 6th, 2012

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