Thursday, July 8, 2010

Life with three... would think I'd say how hectic it is with the lack of posts lately, but's wonderful.  Hubby and I are really enjoying being parents.  For some reason having a third completely changed our outlook on what is important in life.  That and a renewed love for one another.  A popular question after you have three is, "do you want more?"  If you would've asked me this two years ago, I would've answered quickly without giving it much thought.  Absolutely not!  Our two boys were plenty for me, and I was ready for the next stages of our life.  I am SO glad that I'm not in control.  God gifted us with our beautiful Sunshine knowing that she was to change our lives.  Now if I'm asked that question...I still answer quickly and don't give it much thought.  Absolutely!  How many more?  Only He knows!  Life is much easier when you're living it for Him and those that you love.  I'm super thankful for the graces that He's bestowed on me.

Just a few notes to my family...

Ten years!  That's how long you've been stuck with me.  I'm positive that I found my soul mate when I met you.  I'm so thankful that you're by my side.  I'm so thankful that you've put up with so much from me and still somehow have found a way to love me anyway.  My life would be so boring without you!  I'd like to think yours would be too!  ;)  Who would laugh at your ridiculous sense of humor?  I can't help but look around me each evening and smile.  I'm so excited about everything we get to experience in our future.  What a wonderful life we've been given!  I love you!

Our firstborn!  And you're almost 5 now!  Watching you grow has truly been a joy.  You are so incredibly smart.  I'm sitting here now watching you tie your shoes and am amazed.  You're reading so well too, though sometimes you'd prefer to be playing rather than doing homework.  Even now, you don't like to be alone.  You insist that someone accompanies you everywhere.  You're my biggest helper and are eager to learn new things. You have a sweet spirit, except with your brother, who you terrorize on a daily basis.  Every morning you insist on dressing yourself.  I just laugh when people look at you a little odd because you don't match at all.  I'm preparing myself for August.  I'm sure I'll cry buckets dropping you off at Kindergarten the first day.  Such a big boy!  I love you!

Bright Eyes,
Our sweet bright eyes.  Well, you're three, and that should explain it!  One minute, you're my sweet baby boy and the next you're whining or yelling.  You've definitely taught me a lot of patience!  You're light as a feather, so I can still pick you up and swing you around.  You still sit with me sometimes while you're watching a show.  You never turn down a hug or a kiss.  When you were younger you used to collect rocks, now you collect bugs.  You carry them around so gently, careful to not squeeze them.  Flys are your friends, and you insist that we all be nice to them.  You have the gift of music.  You can sing any melody...usually not knowing the words but getting the tune right.  At meals, you go for the vegetables and fruit first.  It's usually a struggle to get you to eat the meat.  I've really enjoyed our alone time together over the last two years, and now you'll be starting school.  Time sure does fly!  I love you!

You are amazing!  I'm so glad you weren't our first child.  Any child after you will definitely be hard.  You've been such an angel.  You sleep each night from 8pm to at least 9am.  I usually end up finally giving up and going in to get you.  Most days, you're just lying in bed playing.  The moment you see daddy or I, your face fills with the most beautiful smile.  Such a happy baby!  Up until a couple weeks ago you preferred to be swaddled during sleep times.  Now you're content with a blanket to hold.  You've found that your pointer and middle fingers make the best pacifiers.  You're finally starting to think about rolling over, and you're almost sitting up on your own.  You coo and ahh.  I'm super excited about the time we're going to have together in the Fall.  Two girls on the town!!  I love you, baby girl!

Me...well, I'm doing great!  I've found my groove.  I'm happier than I've ever been and can only see things getting better from here on out. 

July 8th, 2010


BlessedDad said...

You have such a gift for words, I am so blessed to be able to read your thoughts and feelings so vividly! I love you too!

I can honestly say that I share these sentiments with you completely!

When we step out of the rush of life and the selfish thoughts we bog ourselves down with, we can think about the people God puts in our lives and the role that each of them play in molding who we are and who we will become. Who could ever doubt that our Creator is anything but loving beyond understanding and intimately involved in every minute part of our lives with deep concern for us. I see undeniable proof of this through you, the kids, family, friends and even aquaintances. This allows us to be pulled in closer to Him.

You just gave me one of those moments!

momx2 said...

Awhh Dev, what a beautiful post. I am so happy for you. What a great family.

Michelle Carney said...

Great post Devon! Such a beautiful family!

Todd and Wendi ... said...

WOW .. Absolutely beautiful.

Janie Mauter said...

I'm so behind on your posts Devon! This was so sweet! Glad you're doing well!